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Professor Darryl Tong

  • Professor and Associate Dean (International), Division of Health Sciences

  • University of Otago

Professor Tong is a specialist maxillofacial surgeon at the University of Otago and Dunedin Hospital. He is also the NZDF Health Reserves Advisor and a Colonel in the New Zealand Army Reserves. Prof Tong has a wide range of research and teaching interests which include clinical (trauma and military surgery), biomechanical (forensic biology and subconcussion in sports) and sports medicine. His current research includes the quantification of subconcussive forces to the head and how it relates to potential long-term brain injury especially in sports and the martial arts; the development of an anatomical head model (which incorporates a simulant skin, skull and brain) for forensic blunt and ballistic trauma research and war surgery of the head, face and neck relating to operational deployment in areas of conflict, personal protective equipment and lessons learned from military medical history.