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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Day Dunedin 2015

From the Brain Day Dunedin event held on the Saturday 14th March 2015

002 Brain Day '15

Dr Rebekah Blakemore, Dr Tracy Melzer and Dr Louise Parr-Brownlie

004 Brain Day '15

Some of the community groups

009 Brain Day '15

The Neurological Foundation stand and volunteers

011 Brain Day '15

Neurological Foundation volunteers

030 Brain Day '15

Community Liaison officer Bridget Hall with our volunteers

033 Brain Day '15

Sue Giddens, from the Neurological Foundation, reading an extract from Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks’

082 Brain Day '15

Professor Cliff Abraham and Bridget Hall announcing winners for The Power of Us books

072 Brain Day '15

Dr Owen Jones talking in the ‘From Molecules to memory: mindboggling possibilities’ panel


Dr Tracy Melzer and Dr Rebekah Blakemore in the panel discussion ‘Inside the brain: mapping the progress of technology’

048 Brain Day '15

Mandana Ghodratipour’s piano recital