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Brain Awareness Week

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    Dr Helena Popovic
    Medical Doctor and Author

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    Professor Larry E. Roberts (PhD)
    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

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    Professor Deb Hall
    Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Nottingham

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    Dr Jon Simcock
    Neurologist and Medical Advisor, Neurological Foundation

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    Dr Grant Searchfield
    Tinnitus Clinician and Head of Audiology,University of Auckland

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    Professor Pim Van Dijk
    Professor of Audiology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Brain Awareness Week 2014 - programme announced

As official partner to the global initiative Brain Awareness Week, the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand is proud to present the 2014 event programme (note: some lectures fall outside of the official week due to speaker and venue availability):

- Tuesday 11 March: Gisborne: Dr Helena Popovic – Changing our minds and boosting our brains: Insights on dementia

- Wednesday 12 March: Kapiti: Dr Helena Popovic - Changing our minds and boosting our brains: Insights on dementia

- Friday 14 March: East Auckland: Professor Larry Roberts – The neuroscience of tinnitus: why does it matter and what should we do?

- Saturday 15 March: Dunedin: Brain Day – download programme from Events section

- Tuesday 18 March: Christchurch: Professor Pim van Dijk – Tinnitus: the neuroscience of a diver’s phenomenon

- Monday 24 March: Queenstown: Dr Jon Simcock – Brain disorders: progress and prospects

Saturday 29 March: Auckland: Brain day – download programme from Events section


What is Brain Awareness Week?

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a global campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Brain Awareness Week also aims to increase community awareness of the potential for improving the long-term health of the brain through lifestyle changes and risk-reduction strategies. The Dana Alliance, based in New York, founded BAW 18 years ago, and continues to administer the campaign alongside the American Society for Neuroscience.

The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand has been an official Brain Awareness Week partner for nine years. From modest beginnings, the Foundation has developed Brain Awareness Week into a significant public education event with a robust national programme of ‘Brain Days’ and public lectures.

For one week every March, Brain Awareness Week unites the global efforts of over 2,200 universities, hospitals, patient groups, government agencies, schools, service organisations and professional organisations in 76 countries in a week-long celebration of the brain. During Brain Awareness Week, campaign partners organise creative and innovative activities in their communities to educate and excite people of all ages about the brain and brain research. Events are limited only by the organisers’ imaginations!

Kiwi brain scientists’ world-leading research on the human brain has led to exciting new insights into the treatment of brain disorders – it has also helped to raise awareness of the huge importance of brain health and the vital need for continuing research. The Neurological Foundation has been sponsoring New Zealand’s neuroscientists for over forty years and has simultaneously been building public brain health awareness. We are excited to be both a part of the history, and a cornerstone of the future of neuroscience!